What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a great fun underwater that can be done by any person with three important equipments namely snorkel, dive mask, and fins. Unlike scuba diving that requires the good training and more time, snorkeling is quite easy to enjoy. Any person who has a little bit knowledge of swimming and how to breathe through snorkel can take a part in this activity anytime and anywhere.

What to do during snorkeling?

Snorkeling is the superb pastime activity than can be done easily without any risk if an adventurer has the safety equipment and the knowledge of how to use them. Mask provides the clear and easily seen views of the underwater surface; snorkel helps in breathing, and fins for propulsion.

Important tips for safe snorkeling

However, snorkeling is not a difficult activity that requires proper training and special guidance but there are some important points that every person must know before they go for snorkeling.

The first and most important thing is that don’t go out for the activity alone even you may enjoy the companionship of your friend, family member or take the assistance of tour and travels company. It is highly recommended to take three important safety equipment snorkels, mask, and fins with you. However, you may also carry the snorkeling vests and dry or wet suits as an additional option depending on in which place you are going to take a part in snorkeling.

Although there are numbers of destinations to go for snorkeling water sport but not all are safe. Hence, it is recommended to choose the location that has a safe surface, warm and clean with minimal waves.

Why to learn snorkeling safety?

As everyone knows, learning is not the unwanted thing. Doesn’t matter how much knowledge one gain, it will benefit him a lot in any of the ways at some point of time. So, getting the best tips on how to snorkel would be the excellent and beneficial choice for you as it would helps in increasing the confidence and enhancing the enjoy level of an activity.

Learning the basics is widely important for the first-timers who are going to enjoy the experience for the first time in their whole life. The adventurers will be able to avoid the situation of showing embarrassment and anxiety at the spot among various people.

Snorkel breathing tips:

Snorkel tubes made from plastic have a silicon or rubber mouth piece manufactured to be kept safely inside the mouth. It needs to be help securely between the teeth and lips in an accurate manner. Attach the snorkel in a vertical position to dive mask getting the clear look through the lens and breathe comfortably via tube while face remains under the water surface.

Take the slighter and slow deeper breathing than the normal to remove carbon dioxide inside tube and prevents the feeling of air starvation. Use your tongue against the mouth’s roof to form a splash protection.

Snorkeling gear tips:

Mask and exposure suit must be fitted comfortably. Wear a weight belt if you require a weight to offset the buoyancy as it can easily be detached through a faster release buckle if you face any problem underwater. Nearly 5% of a human body weight in lead threaded on to the belt and assist an adventurer to become neutrally buoyant according to wet suit’s thickness.

How to snorkel underwater?

  • Dive down headfirst and float on the water surface seeing downwards and bend the body at the waist.
  • Force the head down and raise your legs above creating a downward motion.
  • Kick yourself in a lower direction using finning action when fins sink into the water. Equalize the pressure in an air space.
  • Pinch the nose closed via a mask and blow gently through nose to level up the sinuses and ears. Blow some additional air into the space to equalize dive mask.

Fins kicking tips:

Kick gradually with fins and don’t make too much hand and arm movement to prevent damaging the snorkeling flippers and coral reef. Maintain the knees a little bended and use the physically powerful thigh muscles to create an up-and-down scissor kick fin movement.