Sea walk is a new and very famous touristic activity that truly offers the once in a lifetime experience to non-divers. Enjoying the peaceful and scenic sea walk is one of the most exciting and easiest ways to discover the marine world requiring no additional language of special skills. Going for the sea walk would be exploring the picturesque view of the surrounding captivating environment with an incredible experience.

Underwater sea walks is the unique experience that most of the people today wants to enjoy. It is the fantastic way to take pleasure from the wonderful and safe underwater walk on the sea bed and witness the exotic and impressive marine life, stunning and unique varieties of fishes, and lots of magnificent creatures.

Underwater sea walk is just like an underwater expedition inside the reef, discovering the exotic variety of fishes, walking between the corals, and exploring the rich marine life in the clean sea water.

What does sea walking is all about?

This is the marvelous way in which a person enjoys the fabulous walk under the fascinating sea exploring the alluring attractions and marine life. During such a great experience, a helmet with a transparent visor is putted on the head of a sea walker. Life guard helps in going underwater and guarantees the better enjoyment and safety. It is like a walking on the moon enjoying the breathtaking surrounding all around.

Adventurers do not require any special skill, experience, training or equipment to walk safely on the smooth sand of the sea floor. Complete face window in the sea walker helmet provides the view of enchanting marine world and opportunity to play with several colorful fishes. Showing several colorful reef and fishes around you, feeding the fishes, and enjoying the attractive photography is really very amazing.

Who can go for sea walk?

Any person who is in the age between 7-70 years can go for the sea walk as it is not as difficult as it is considered. But it is highly recommended to take the assistance of certified and knowledgeable guide for safety and utmost adventure.

Any person who is suffering from the heart problems, asthma, pregnancy or any kind of mental condition are not allowed.

Which dress you must wear and how much time you need for this?

There is no specific attired you need. An adventurer can wear whatever dress they are comfortable with whether it is t-shirt, salwar kameez, swimsuits, etc. Total time for sea walking tour depends on where you’re going to enjoy the tour.