Scuba Diving is the awesome activity to enjoy that provides the opportunity to discover the breathtaking charm and great tranquility of the marine world. It is the fastest growing sports in the world these days as more than millions of people go scuba diving every year in various destinations such as Andaman and Nicobar Island, etc. The divers explore stunning coral formations, enjoy the amazing feel of being weightless, and take a look at the innumerable species of fish and other aquatic animals.

Scuba diving gives an amazing opportunity to be in the underwater world and see the colorful marine life and creatures moving all around the divers. Full form of SCUBA is Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus which means the equipment that helps to breathe underwater.

How scuba diving is different from snorkeling?

Many people gets confused between two water sports activities snorkeling and scuba diving as in both a person having a mask and fins spend maximum time in the water surface viewing the underwater world. But these are the two separate activities. The snorkelers stay and enjoy the underwater view from the surface. Scuba Divers, on the other side, do not come to the surface but they bring down the air in the tanks.

Who can do scuba diving?

Any people who wish to enjoy the serene and adventuring experience and discover the underwater marine life. They need a mask that is fitted accurately and comfortably to see the marine life clearly. It is recommended to hold the breath for some time, look under the word, and wiggle the head sideways. Apart from the mask, scuba diver requires several safety equipments such as SMB (surface marker buoy), underwater lights, diver computer, regulators, scuba tanks, BCD (buoyancy control device), fins, and exposure suits.

Scuba Diving Technical Points

Scuba diving is an adventurous water sports that has lured the mankind. Air present in the tanks is compressed air not the pure oxygen. It has some proportion of oxygen, nitrogen, and some other gases also that may acts as a poison for the divers. It is recommended for divers never to go deeper under the seawater at faster pace and never come back to the surface too quickly as it can be very dangerous for them.

Presence of nitrogen in the compressed air can be very harmful. Nitrogen narcosis having the effect same as excessive alcohol can occur when diver go in deep. But this is not the major problem as it can be solved by coming back to the shallower water. The biggest problem is of Caisson’s disease or decompression sickness occurs when nitrogen starts forming bubbles in the body of a diver. This is the most severe disease than can lead to death of a diver when comes to the surface under the normal pressure.

Scuba diving safety

However, scuba diving is incredibly popular water sports but it can be risky if a diver does not have the knowledge of safety terms and equipment. It is advised to first go a proper training from experienced and practiced experts to learn all the terminologies and facts about diving. The proper guidance is provided if you book the Scuba Diving Tour Package. The guides provide all the safety gears and support to make scuba diving a remarkable experience.

If you dream to enjoy scuba diving, there are n numbers of places to go. Discovering the colorful and charismatic underwater marine life can be the awe-inspiring experience of a lifetime.