What is game fishing?

Fishing is the most common and ancient practice of catching the fish that dates back to over 40,000 years. Game fishing refers to the activity in which people on vacation rent a boat and enjoys the leisurely day catching for the different varieties of colorful and beautiful fishes.

Who can enjoy the sport or game fishing?

Sport fishing or game fishing is an enjoyable experience for those people who want to love fishing and has great interest to play with the water. It requires special fishing techniques and skills unlike regular fishing.

The charter boat has all the required equipment even all the fisher gears are properly and completely installed allowing fishing lover to angle the immense open ocean fish species. Sometimes thrilling and amazing fight with a fish happen which makes the fishing experience more adventuring and enjoyable.

Nowadays, the game fishing is being controlled by the law to protect fishing species as they require a long time to mature. Generally, a person can take only some limited numbers of fishes per tour and they have to take the permission from the concerned authorities.

The nice way to enjoy game fishing is catch the fish, takes some good pictures with it, and releases the fish back into the water to let her continue the life. In this way, you enjoy the awesome fishing without harming the aquatic flora and fauna.

Where to enjoy fishing?

You know what you don’t have to travel other countries in order to enjoy the game fishing. Andaman is one of the prime locations to enjoy the fishing as a game. It is gaining the huge popularity these days among fishing enthusiasts.

Andaman Game Fishing is an ultimate activity all across the world to explore the varieties of fishes. Yellow Fin Tuna, Dorado, Black Marlin, Dogtooth Tuna, Blue Marlin, Sail Fish, and many more fishes have been caught in the water of Andaman Island.